2014 Programmers and Religion Survey

Status: Closed

I am currently preparing an analysis of the results. I will post this analysis, along with a link to the raw data, as soon as it is ready.


Programmers are a notoriously anti-establishment bunch, with religious views being no exception. There are abundant stereotypes of the crotchety atheist programmer with a Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem on his car, or the crunchy-granola type who prefers some form of neo-pagan practice.

But what is the real spiritual (or lack thereof) makeup of the programming community, and, within the community, how do specific beliefs relate to one another and to factors such as experience, education, and preferred tools?

We know that language shapes thought, but how far does the impact go when it comes to what many percieve to be practical everyday tools, such as programming languages?


I seek to illustrate the basic religious makeup of the programming community, broken down along several lines, as compared to the general (Internet) population. I also want to be able to present some interesting correlations, if any are to be found, from the data.

The ultimate end result will be an interactive document, produced using D3.js, that will allow users to explore the survey results, and plot various answers relative to another.